The Community Information group has been running for over a year now from our Thanet Resource Hub but shockingly, there are some that do not know what they get up to:

‘It is a bit of a mystery to most members and even some staff, who are not or have been connected with it.’  Comments support worker Chris Porter, who runs the group on Tuesdays.

‘We had to be creative at the beginning as this was the first group of its kind, but that being said the group have done some really good work!’

Learning Disability Week 2014: Read about our first time experiences


The things the Community Information group do include:

Accessing local libraries across the Thanet area.

Using public transport to get out and about within the community.

Researching various topics using different methods such as I.T or hard copied information. (This has included local cinema price differences, what’s on at local theatres and how we would be able to get to places outside the Thanet area).

Linking in with other groups such as Thanet Thinkers and District Partnership Groups to exchange information.

Finding out about local resources and activities suitable for our group and others.


So far, we have:

Created a children’s story from scratch, including illustrations.

Written themed poems to share with our families and friends.

Discussed healthy eating, lifestyles and budgeting.

Accessed a number of community venues.


Our next project has the potential to be part of a National Learning Disability week (June 16-20, 2014) and we will be working hard on the theme of First Time Experiences for the next few weeks.

Chris: Community Support Worker, May 2014


Poetry – By The Community Information Group:

Easter for Me

Easter weekend’s full of fun,

On Good Friday, I will have a hot cross bun.

We patiently wait for the Easter Bunny,

He hops, jumps and looks ever so funny.

Mum cooks us all an Easter roast dinner,

With all the family round, you know it’s a winner.

Easter picnic’s in the park,

Children playing, having a lark.

Sending families and friends an Easter card,

Picking the right one can be ever so hard.

Parades and bonnets in the sun,

People watching and having fun.

Celebrating Easter with my mum,

She will always be my number 1.

By Mel, Karen. Natalie and Pat. April, 2014

* * * * * * * * * *

What Christmas Means To Me

White and fluffy snow

Glistening on the ground

Crunching under wellies

Footprints can be found

Sleigh bells in the distance

Silence on the street

Santa is on his way

Its time to go to sleep

Stockings on the fireplace

Waiting to be seen

Full of lovely goodies

Where Santa has just been

Footprints from the fire

Leading to the chair

Santa eating all the goodies

That we left for him there

Full of excitement and glee

We wake in the morning light

Seeing presents round the tree

Our eyes all wide and bright.

Melanie Barber, Susan Ables, Kerry Amber, Chantelle Vidgen. December, 2013

For more information on the Community Information Group or our Thanet Resource Hub, contact 01843-224482 or