Whilst the UK Government has removed the majority of COVID-19 restrictions, East Kent Mencap has decided to maintain a high degree of caution.

We have been able to deliver the majority of our services, but the need to socially distance has made this difficult at times.

Our Day Services have been very successful in maintaining opportunities throughout the pandemic, however, it has been impossible to welcome everyone back in large groups at the same time. We are seeking to avoid introducing the virus to large groups of people who use our services as well as our employees.

You may have heard of the “ping” which is a notification that warns people that they may have come into contact with the virus and must isolate for ten days. If this happens within services, everyone will need to isolate causing more hardship and distress.

One thing in our favour is the impressive number of members and employees who have received their second vaccinations. Now that infection rates are falling, we should feel more confident that the risk to us all is reducing and that a full return is moving closer, but we cannot with any confidence say when this will happen. We recognise that this is frustrating, and we wanted you to know that our caution is aimed at keeping everyone safe and well.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing patience and support.