Thanet Thinkers

The Beano Café in Margate is on from 1-3pm on Tuesdays. This is aimed at people with a learning disability who live independently and receive little or no other support. 

The Beano Café provides opportunities to:

-       Meet new friends 

-       Talk about things that are important to you

-       Get involved with the local community

-       Get information that enables you to stay independent


       If you need support to access the group or participate, please bring your support with you.



The Scrap Store is pausing receiving donations of craft materials for a month.
EKM's GOLD project have released their first episode of 'Listen Up!' on Spotify.

The Weirdness (GOLD)

The GOLD members made a video with Jemma Cullen, a local artist, during 2020 which reflects their feelings and views of their experiences of lockdown. This video was submitted to Oska Bright Film Festival.
The GOLD Project have been working with comedian Trevor Neal - of “Trevor and Simon” fame, you might remember them from Going Live in the 1980s! Trevor has been doing online improvisation and comedy workshops to support a GOLD podcast/radio show.